How global 5G market Could Change the Sports Broadcasting and Viewing Experience

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    5G Market

    5G will revolutionize the way broadcasters deliver content and enhance their customer experience, according to Caroline Chan, vice president of the network platforms group at Intel.

    Every year, Fox Sports temporarily installs 39 miles of fiber optic cable throughout the golf course hosting the U.S. Open Championship. The expensive rigging is the only way for the network to transmit live, high-definition video from far-flung holes to its central production trucks in a timely enough manner.

    5G networks will offer media companies and brands an unprecedented opportunity to meet customers where they want to be, and deliver new experiences that make their lives better and more exciting. These experiences can deepen customer relationships and create new revenue opportunities.

    Intel has a couple of initiatives in this field, from virtual reality to edge computing. Working alongside Nokia, Tencent and China Unicom, the company is putting together a solution for the latter at the Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena which enables customers to access multiple view angles of customer events. For sport, the company is utilizing VR to give fans a more personalized, immersive experiences; this can translate to real-time content, interactive highlights, and replays on a variety of devices.

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