High operating temperature thermal sensor array market

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    High Operating Temperature Thermal Sensor Array Market

    The Semiconductor manufacturing company Melexis has unveiled a new version of its far-infrared (FIR) thermal sensor array. The device has a lower thermal noise compared to the current MLX90640, a high refresh rate of 64 Hz and an elevated operational temperature up to 125 °C.
    This latest advance sensing technology allows for simplified integration of temperature measurement into applications that enhance safety, efficiency, and convenience - especially in tough thermal conditions.
    The industry-calibrated devices ensure the accuracy of 1 °C in the usual measurement circumstances. The high accuracy is further maintained by a Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) of 0.1 K RMS. A proprietary algorithm ensures high thermal stability, even in conditions where the temperature is changing rapidly.
    The MLX90641 offers 192 FIR pixels, allowing for low power processors to be used, contributing to lower system overhead. Additionally, no re-calibration is required thereby reducing further operational expenses.
    To speed up application development, Melexis has made MCU driver software and additional software is available for the detection of people via their thermal signature.
    The extended temperature range opens up multiple new applications and the new MLX90641 is expected to be most suited to applications in the world of cooking, such as conventional and microwave ovens as well as industrial applications such as detection of power electronics overheating and automotive owing to this, in High operating temperature thermal sensor array market expecting good growth in near future.

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