Blockchain for Marketing Will Gain Popularity

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    Blockchain Technology For Marketing

    Blockchain has made it to the list of market research industry trends in 2018. Lately, there has been an emergence of companies providing market research through blockchain. While the market has observed blockchain in its financial form, the era has arrived when blockchain will start expanding into different verticals of worldwide markets. If the advocates of blockchains are to be believed, then blockchain is going to be the biggest turnaround technology for consumer surveys.

    Blockchain will decrease the risk of fake surveys because of immutable records and new ID verification
    It may also make it easy to pay research participants through blockchain enabled currency. In case of numerous similar surveys over long periods of time, it will be easy to locate the participants of the earlier studies through the blockchain.

    Blockchain will help organization distribute their content in a way that will ensure fairness in payment, security and trust to contributors, writers, editors, and consumers alike.
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