Algaia and Gelymar to enter US market

    Algaia and Gelymar have decided to use a joint commercialization network in the US.
    They will market their food, personal care products in the North American region through AIDP Inc., Algaia’s current US distributor.
    This contract for North America will spot Gelymar and Algaia as leading manufacturers of sustainable algae extracts for food, nutraceuticals and personal care products, proposing a wide range of algae ingredients.
    “Until recently, food or personal care product industries willing to have a direct association with a one-stop-shop manufacturer in the field of seaweed extracts had a limited choice,” explains Andres Hohlberg, CEO of Gelymar.”
    “Gelymar and Algaia remain self-governing corporations in term of equity but both companies share the same ethics, mindsets and value proposition with their manufacturing services being situated next to abundant fresh seaweed biomass.”
    Algaia is a global major player in the field of alginate and specialty algae extracts that represents Gelymar in Europe for carrageenan (red seaweed extracts).

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