• Donald Trump to meet with Google Ceo Sundar Pichai for Discussion of U.S. Military.

      Donald Trump, Google CEO Sundar Pichai discuss military, China

      29 Mar 2019

      President Donald Trump said he met Wednesday with Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai to discuss the U.S. military amid an extended political furor over the tech giant’s efforts in China. “We were pleased to have productive conversations with the president about investing in the future of the American workforce, the growth of emerging technologies and our ongoing commitm...

    • 5G Smartphone Highest Purchasing Interest by Millennials

      Millennials report the highest interest in purchasing a 5G smartphone

      27 Feb 2019

      According to the latest Mobile Connectivity Report from NPD Connected Intelligence, 5G awareness has reached nearly 2 out of 3 consumers, totaling 64 percent, at the end of the second half of 2018. This is up from 44 percent at the end of the first half of 2018. Together with increasing alertness, the report shows purchase potential is strong, as 33 percent of smartphone owners report inter...

    • Gas Mileage Problems to Foard Motors

      Ford Motors checking out possible emissions, gas mileage problems

      26 Feb 2019

      Ford Motor Co. has launched an examination into whether errors in an internal mathematical model may have caused it to overstate gas mileage and understate emissions from a wide range of vehicles. On Thursday, Ford Motor Company said it was hiring outside experts to examine its fuel economy and emissions certification procedures after employees elevated concerns, according to the Detroit Fre...

    • US Automotive Growth Aftermarket Retail Sales

      U.S. Automotive Aftermarket Retail Sales Grow 2.5% in 2018 according to NPD reports

      25 Feb 2019

      – The U.S. automotive aftermarket business grew its retail sales by 2.5 percent in 2018, according to The NPD Group. In addition to favorable weather initially in the year, this surge was fueled by the fundamentals of the industry being robust: more vehicles are on the road, the average age of vehicles is trending older, and the mainstream of consumers are unconcerned about higher gasol...

    • Blockchain Technology For Marketing

      Blockchain for Marketing Will Gain Popularity

      22 Feb 2019

      Blockchain has made it to the list of market research industry trends in 2018. Lately, there has been an emergence of companies providing market research through blockchain. While the market has observed blockchain in its financial form, the era has arrived when blockchain will start expanding into different verticals of worldwide markets. If the advocates of blockchains are to be believed, t...

    • Cyber Threats Will Lead to Business Growth

      Cyber threats to global and UK businesses on the rise

      21 Feb 2019

      The global cyber threat environment is increasing according to the findings of a new survey. Human error also plays a substantial role, with phishing attacks at the root of one in five successful breaches. Dimness in procedures and outdated security technology are also factors in a quarter of breaches. Over the past 12 months: 87% of organizations have seen an increase in attack volumes; 10...

    • Plant Based Proteins Demand

      Plant-Based Proteins demand Increasing day by day

      20 Feb 2019

      Plant-based proteins are noticing growth in demand, as case shipments of plant-based protein from broad line foodservice suppliers to foodservice operators increased by 20 % in the year ending November 2018 compared to one year previously, reported The NPD Group market researcher.  Approximately one-fourth of the U.S. population, many of whom are not vegan, report eating and drinking pla...

    • Digital Advertising In US

      US digital advertising incomes up 22% to reach $26.2bn, reports IAB

      19 Feb 2019

      New York: Digital advertising revenues prolonged their ascent over the third quarter after jumping 22% (year over year) to hit $26.2bn. The remarkable statistics were gathered by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for their latest report and follow hot on the heels of record performances across the first half of the year. Inclusive third-quarter digital spend increased by 20.6% versus ...

    • Threat From Made In China Products

      Germany, South Korea Are Most at Threat From Made in China Products --2025

      18 Feb 2019

      ‘Made in China 2025’ is a blueprint for raising the competitiveness of China’s industry, based on the indication that the world is experiencing a fourth industrial revolution, as the confluence of robots, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing remake manufacturing.  While the Trump administration’s preliminary China tariff list was targeted on pr...

    • Hydrogen Tank

      NPROXX launches new hydrogen tank

      16 Feb 2019

      NPROXX has introduced its new type four carbon fiber pressure vessel. The product was certified on 4th February (2019) by the certification authority TUV.  The pressure vessel operates at operational pressure of 500bar and has a usable H2 capacity of 6.5kh. As a result of the certification, the NPROXX product is now entirely authorized to be used for hydrogen transportation on roa...