Valet Airport Parking Robots Market Trend

    Tuesday, 05 February, 2019

    The Paris-based start-up firm has created giant robots, named Stan. This robot can pick up your vehicle and securely park your car without any human interference. After that, it simply wheels it away to an open space, slowly, gently places it down, and comes back for another vehicle. Since doors don’t need to be open for a driver, the cars can be parked more closely together, which increases a lot or garage’s capacity by up to 50 percent.

    Valet Airport Parking Robots Market

    “The system is controlled by an automated parking management software that ‘conducts’ the group of robots.” It is a valet system without the valet.

    As attention-grabbing as the idea of a robot valet, which is parking your car is really a great attraction. The big problem this system aims to solve is the space issue common in most city-based parking lots.

    The applications for such automated parking systems are different for different areas such as residential, commercial, retail, and office environments, with various solutions available for different uses.

    In places where land is the crunch factor, systems like Stan can vastly change the equation. Valet robot is able to park passengers’ cars for them, saving them valuable time for scouring duty-free or the inevitable passport-related panic. We call it a valet parking robot because people just need to drop off their car at the entrance of the car park and then they can basically leave and catch a flight, but it’s doing more than just valet parking. 

    Technology like a robot valet aims to dramatically reduce the space required for parking, also it eliminates requirements for ramps, turning radiuses, clearances for opening doors, and other previous necessities. Furthermore, it can even use smart stacking technology to rack up cars like some kind of ultra-luxurious vending machine; ready to be recalled at a moment’s notice. These factors influence market growth with positive impact.

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