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    Monday, 11 February, 2019

    Swimwear is a type of costume designed to be worn by people who are involved in swimming, water sports, swimming, surfing, water skiing, or even sunbathing. A swimsuit is needed to be worn as an undergarment in the sports such as scuba diving, water skiing and wakeboarding. 

    Various type and styles of modern swimsuits are available in the market which varies in size as well as quality. These vary according to body coverage and materials. Different fabrics used for making swimwear include polyester, nylon, spandex, and other blended fabrics, which gives it the required stretch and makes it capable of withstanding sun, chlorine, and salt water. Use of fabrics with features such as high thermal insulation, enhanced flexibility, adequate surface friction, and lightweight nature such as neoprene has increased the production of wetsuits and swimsuits.

    In western culture, men’s swimwear and beachwear are generally described as boardshorts, jammers, swim trunks, briefs or "speedos", thongs, and g-strings while the women’s swimwear includes one-piece, bikinis, or thongs. The major end-user segment of the swimwear and beachwear market includes men’s wear, women’s wear and children’s wear.

    Moreover, women want to look stylish at the pool or beach is increasing the demands for swimwear. Therefore swimwear designers are updating swimwear and beachwear regularly without any delay. Also increasing integration of fashion element in fashions into Swimsuit is attracting more consumers especially the young generation. These are some of the major trends which lead to the healthy growth of the swimwear and beachwear market. 

    Swimming is a healthy exercise activity that has many physical and mental health benefits such as alleviating stress, building endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. It also helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, and healthy lungs. Fitness activity supports the growth of the global swimwear industry.

    The growth of the global swimwear market is primarily driven by product innovation. In addition, to cater to the fluctuating demand for different designs and innovative swimwear, the heavy inflow of investment for the R&D is required, which also hampers the growth of the swimwear market.

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