Smart Shoes-The Future of Footwear Market

    Thursday, 07 February, 2019

    Smart shoes are equipped with various sensors and are connected to a smartphone with the help of Bluetooth or WiFi. These smart shoes can provide data such as real-time positioning, step counting and much more.

    Smart Shoes Market

    New smart technologies and the internet of things increasingly play a key role in healthcare and wellness, contributing to the development of novel healthcare concepts. These technologies enable a comprehensive view of an individual’s movement and mobility, potentially supporting healthy living as well as complementing medical diagnostics and the monitoring of therapeutic outcomes.

    Rising integration of smart technologies in health tracking devices and high acceptance rate of smart wearable among people are major factors which are expected to be the dynamic factors behind the growth of global smart shoe market during the forecast period. Global smart shoe market is expected to experience a remarkable growth during the forecast period i.e. 2019-2025.

    The demand and innovation in the global smart shoe market are increasing rapidly. This is mainly because of the features that these shoes provide, particularly for athletes and fitness-conscious consumers.

    The key features that these smart shoes offer are step counts, calculating the number of physical activities done, comfort as per user requirements, convenience, suggesting proper health diet required according to the physical activity executed, and many more.

    According to our senior analyst at algororeports for retail goods and services research, “Vendors in the global smart shoe market have introduced smart shoes that are capable of coaching users on their physical activities. For instance, Runtopia Reach smart running shoes are equipped with smart sensors that monitor movements and provide customized training plans and other coaching functions via the Runtopia app. The well-compiled report improves the customers’ abilities in making sound decisions for their growth in the global Smart Shoes.

    Smart Shoes can function as a high-tech brain. In this blog, we address the current status, challenges, and future of smart shoe technology in the footwear market.

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