Marketing of Anything on Valentine’s Day not only flowers & teddy bear….!

    Wednesday, 13 February, 2019

    Valentine's Day Is Getting Less Popular but Spending Per Person Is Still Increasing.

    Valentine's Day as a concept suggests a mixed response from all quarters. While some believe it as a commercial event popularised by corporates to give another reason for people to indulge, others regard this day as a celebration of love and affection. 

    Valentines Day Market

    The perfect time for email marketing – There isn’t really a perfect time for emailing but companies involve in the marketing field, for them it’s a good time to market their product via email marketing and other social site marketing. How far in advance do you need to let people know about the special offer you’re promoting? Try to create a few campaigns for different time slots, for instance, a campaign for those who plan ahead and a campaign for people who remember at the last minute. Also, in the creation of an email marketing campaign, it’s always a good idea to divide up your mailing list, in order to suit the content to the recipient as much as possible.  On Valentine’s Day, that’s a must.

    The age factor can also be a marketing element for you.  Divide your campaign according to age groups – after all, a couple in their 50’s won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way a couple in their 20’s would, correct?

    It’s an emotional day, but one without a very deep spiritual meaning, and it’s a great opportunity to add a little humor to your emails – even if the product you’re marketing is light years away from romance. The subject line of your email is the first thing the recipient will see.

    With the fresh smell of chocolate, flowers, and tons of hormones in the air. it’s hard not to get into this whole Valentine’s Day spirit, so no matter what you’re marketing, you’ve got a captive audience – an audience that’s waiting to be offered something special, enticing & different.  Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to create a newsletter that’s special, both in design and in content.

    The Baxter Company, which markets men’s cosmetics, did it wonderfully with an email that addresses their recipients who hate the holiday.

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