Hydrogen Vehicle- The Clean Energy Vehicle

    Friday, 22 February, 2019

    A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its onboard fuel for motive power. Hydrogen vehicles comprise hydrogen-fueled space rockets, as well as automobiles and other transportation vehicles. The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy. Widespread use of hydrogen for fueling transportation is a main element of a proposed hydrogen economy.

    Hydrogen Vehicle Clean Energy

    As of 2016, there was three models of hydrogen cars publicly available in selected markets: the Toyota Mirai, the Hyundai Nexo, and the Honda Clarity. Other than this many more companies are working to develop hydrogen cars. 

    Renewable electricity can however be used to power the conversion of water into hydrogen: Integrated wind-to-hydrogen (power-to-gas) plants, using electrolysis of water, are exploring technologies to supply costs low enough, and quantities great enough, to compete with hydrogen creation using natural gas. The only drawbacks of hydrogen use are high carbon emissions greatly when produced from natural gas, capital cost burden, low energy content per unit volume at ambient conditions, production and compression of hydrogen, and the investment required in filling stations to dispense hydrogen.

    The market is anticipated to experience significant growth rate due to the development of infrastructure to produce hydrogen. Further, inland presence of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (HFCV) OEMs in the regions, tax rebates, and developments in aggressive hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) fuels the market growth.

     However, opening large investment in infrastructure is expected to restrain the market growth. Moreover, incentives and investment by governments to help propel hydrogen vehicle provides plenty of opportunity to the growth of the market.


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