Global Wireless Phone Chargers Market

    Monday, 04 February, 2019

    Wireless Phone Chargers Market

    Wireless phone chargers are equipped with the technology to charge phones without any connectivity of wires between the device and the power source. These are portable chargers and can be used anywhere.

    Wireless charging is the transmission of energy without wires from a power source to the device which needs to charge. Wireless charging devices comprise a charging station that transmits the energy, and a receiver that receives the energy and charges the battery. It is a reliable, suitable, and safe technology to power and charges electrical devices. In addition, it provides multiple efficient, cost-effective, and safer advantages over the wired charging systems by eliminating the use of physical connectors and cables. Also, it maintains non-stop transfer of power to ensure all varieties of devices such as handheld industrial devices, smartphones, heavy-duty equipment, and others are charged and readily available to use.

    The manufacturing industries of that field investing the massive amount in R&D -leads to drive the market at a high growth rate. Companies, such as Qualcomm are investing heavily in wireless charging technology, while Plugless Power and HEVO are leading the way with innovative applications of the technology.

    The world is increasingly inclined towards “wireless” and battery-enabled devices are complementing it in a big way. Therefore, wireless charging has made in-roads in consumer electronics for wirelessly charging smartphones. On the other hand, wireless charging for industrial application has garnered attention from many companies from different backgrounds. Wireless charging market for industrial applications evolving rapidly as companies are leveraging high-power wireless power transmission solutions to challenge the status quo of legacy power delivery system in an industrial environment which requires connector and heavy-duty cables. 

    Wireless chargers enable charging of multiple devices at the same time. These devices can be free positioned. However, it needs to be kept within a particular range of the wireless charger. There is great demand for mobile phones across the globe. Specifically, Asia Pacific represents a vast potential in terms of growth for the global wireless charging market due to the presence of a large population and wider adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and wearable devices. Companies in China, Japan, and South Korea are investing significantly in wireless charging technology for consumer electronics, thus driving the growth of this segment particularly in the APAC region.

    The demands for portable devices has seen an upsurge that has eventually propelled the market growth. On account of substantial demands and applications from varied sectors, Wireless Phone Charger is likely to gain huge grip across the globe.

    Increasing efficiency of wireless charging devices and mounting applications have been recognized as the key factors that are projected to drive the Wireless Phone Charger Industry market in the forecast period. Moreover, the manufacturers are taking up prominent strategies such as collaborations, merger and acquisitions, and joint ventures that are likely to foster market growth in the coming years.

    The obvious benefits associated with the use of wireless charging includes efficiency of handling, protection from electric shocks, safe charging option for devices that need to be waterproof, no need for maintenance of charging cables and associated sockets. 

    Growing demand for smartphones is driving the adoption of the market. Most consumer devices can only be charged with the proximity of receiver or the battery with the charging pad. To overcome these issues, several companies are conducting research to manufacture a device which can transfer power in moving devices and do not require to be in direct contact with the charging devices. 

    Also, IoT is gaining popularity and is considered the third wave of technology. Moreover, wireless charging is the primary requirement of portable electronics product targeted by IoT such as smartphones, digital camera & camcorders, laptops & tablets, wearable electronics, and household electronics. Therefore, the increase in popularity of the IoT market is expected to pose as an opportunity for the market.

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