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    Tuesday, 19 February, 2019

    Data intelligence solutions for sales aim to improve company master data, market awareness information and intended to improve the effectiveness of sales account selection, planning, and prospecting initiatives. They are regularly used by B2B sales organizations that are looking to advance their sales execution by empowering their employees with superior, real-time or near-real-time data to win more deals, and compress the sales cycle. 

    Future Of Data Intelligence Solutions

    The market also contains sources of real-time social and news insights on corporations and people, formed by receiving peripheral direct data feeds or web crawling news and social network posts. Most providers feed this data into account and contact records that can be combined directly into sales force automation and CRM lead management systems. If everything is on time and precise such as what you are going to sell and when you will make the sale, this info has massive business value. Results in to increase the accuracy of sales forecasts.

    Segmentation of Data Intelligence Solutions by product type:

    • Sales Activity Management

    • Custom Fields and Custom Workflows

    • Goal Setting

    • Others

    Segmentation of Data Intelligence Solutions by application:

    • Small-Sized Enterprises

    • Medium-Sized Enterprise

    • Large Enterprises

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