Cool socks market trend

    Wednesday, 06 February, 2019

    Cool Socks Market

    Socks are more essential clothing, but their function, importance, and ethics are often overlooked. You don’t want to be that person who uses any type of socks on any type of outfits. Whether you prefer fun socks that will add style to your look, quality socks that won't wear out quickly, snug socks for relaxing, or no-shows to wear this spring and summer, you will find it all here. Buying the right socks is good for your look and expense. 

    The socks are made of recycled cotton, polyester, elastane, and most notably, they're infused with coffee for odor absorption. Basically, they don’t smell like coffee but perform well, you can wear them all day or two to three days without getting an odor from it. They come in many cool but not too over-the-top, colorways that you can wear casually or for office. The sock is, at best, usually seen in passing; occasionally displayed in full glory with shorts and sandals. People care about style as well as absolute wearability and as per season, people wear socks according to that. 

    Cotton or, better still, cotton and synthetic mix socks prefers most of the people, but larger designs especially, wool, silk, preferably merino or cashmere, can be best for winter. Definitely, some pairs were thinner and some were thicker and some were precisely the right shade of black or white, but ultimately, you were choosing between bunches of things that looked almost exactly the same. Moving to 2017, various options are available such as pineapple-printed tube socks, pinstripe knee-highs to fishnets in every color of the rainbow. 

    Financiers from Major Cities have approached the founders of the original Sock Market to bring this booming fashion and financial marker to their corner of the world. Cool socks demand to increase in the market owing to varieties in socks, online market, new brands with new ideas and competition between them to improve the design and comfort according to region, season, types, the material used.

    Socks are commodity products. However, in recent years with the arrival of comfort socks and socks for precise application, socks market changed from commodity to fashion. Due to the transformation of this traditional item into a luxury product, the growth of the socks market beats the overall growth of the apparel industry. Almost 50% of the men use socks every day. Hence, the healthy growth of the men's apparel industry is expected to be the major driver of the socks industry. 

    Athletic socks type contributes to major market share. Athletic socks used in gym and sports section. Men and women both use trouser socks along with formal footwear. 

    Cool socks segment the market by gender into men's socks, women's socks, and kids' socks. The market is segmented based on the age group into 0 – 14, 15 – 24, 25 – 34, and above 35.


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