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    Monday, 11 February, 2019

    A Car Phone Holder is designed to grip your device in the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen while driving. A clip-on holder will be easy to take on and off and blends in with your dashboard quite well whereas a suction pad might annoy those who don’t like getting marks on their windscreen, or who don’t like the idea of leaving amount visible when their car is unattended. One of the most popular options is a clip that attaches to your air-conditioning vent. These are ideal for lighter smartphones, but the grip might not be firm enough to hold heavier devices, and it also obstructs the airflow.

    When buying a car phone holder, don’t just go for the cheapest option as these can often be flimsy and insecure which could end up damaging your phone. You may also find some cheap universal phone holders don’t quite fit the shape and size of your phone, which can make it tricky to set up to begin with. There are two things to consider when buying a car phone holder. One, will it fit your phone? And two, will it fit your car?

    Some are compatible with charging cables for keeping your phone powered up on the go, and some allow you to change the orientation of your phone depending on your preference. Most of the phone mounts we’ve chosen are compatible with all smartphones, and they aren’t all that expensive, either.

    A windscreen mount is one suitable option. While poor-quality rubber suckers may slowly lose their grip and drop off, a good mount can be very convenient. Some designs include supports that rest on the dashboard to provide additional support.

    Some phone mounts have clips or arms that hold the phone securely: you simply slide the device into place when you get into the car and remove it when you leave. Other mounts have a magnetic connection, which requires you to attach a metal strip to the back of your phone. This is often slid into the case or stuck on to the back which, at the very least, isn’t going to add to its aesthetic appeal.

    Staying connected with your smartphone is key nowadays. Even while you’re driving it’s a good idea to have your phone for GPS, emergency calls, and so forth. Despite this, it isn’t worth having your phone in hand when driving; it puts you and everyone else in the car at high risk.

    Thankfully there is a solution to increase your safety on the road while still being able to use your phone- getting a smartphone car mount. They allow you to position your device on the dashboard for easy access where your eyes aren’t far from the road. Then you can safely navigate through your GPS or contact numbers. These various things to expect healthy growth in The Car Phone Holder Market.

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