Aviation & Defence Cyber Security Market Trend

    Monday, 18 February, 2019

    The global Aviation & Defence Cyber Security Market has been segmented and analyzed in terms of two key components, namely, solution and service. The solution segment dominates the overall market, as of 2015. However, the service segment is projected to grow at a comparatively higher CAGR during the forecast period. With the increasing cost of on-premise cyber security solutions and difficulty in operational convenience, the demand for on-cloud deployment of cyber security solutions is increasing at a rapid pace. The increased rate of cyber-attacks and hacking across the globe has further boosted the demand for on-cloud deployment. This segment dominates the overall aviation cyber security deployment market and is expected to continue its dominance over the next five years.

    Aviation And Defence Cyber Security

    Aviation & Defence cyber security solutions are software suites designed to protect aviation networks, computers, and databases from cyber-attacks and illegal access. As the growing global aviation industry becomes more reliant on information technology (IT) solutions and digital technologies to encounter the continuously rising consumer base and changes in consumer preferences, cybersecurity has become a serious and urgent concern. 

    An increasing number of airport and airline operators are deploying effective security systems and solutions to protect their IT systems and infrastructure from cyber-attacks. These solution help in protecting the critical infrastructures and reducing the severity of cyber-threats, which can otherwise cause heavy financial losses and disruptions in the worldwide transportation network. 

    More and more airports and airlines are deploying effective security systems and solutions to protect effective IT systems and infrastructure from cyber-attacks. These solutions help protect critical infrastructures and reduce the severity of cyber threats, or they can cause tremendous financial losses and confusion in global transportation networks. 

    Discerning info about the considerable players including their revenue, product portfolio, business segmentation, and the financial impression has been incorporated in the report. Recent developments in the business have been taken into consideration while expecting the future position of the market. The report also symbolizes the various marketing channels prevailing in the global Aviation & Defense Cyber Security market and carries information about some of the vital suppliers functioning in the market. The report serves as a helpful guide for the new as well as existing players in the market.

    In 2017, the world experienced some of the worst cases of cybersecurity breaches. From credit agency Equifax’s data breach affecting over 143 million consumers to the tyranny of the WannaCry ransomware program that crippled the National Health Service hospitals in the United Kingdom, among many others. However, the most alarming of these were to the national defense such as the targeted attack by alleged Russian hackers on the US Army and NATO in October and the spyware campaign against Indian and Pakistani government security and military organizations.

    Driving growth in the defense and aerospace, segmented into two major technologies that are at the forefront of this change are:

    Artificial Intelligence: By creating autonomous drones, vehicles, and robotics for defense and war, the potential to save lives has increased, but so has the threat of these technologies being hacked. Which lead to demand significant investment in cybersecurity.

     The Internet of Things (IoT): One of the important procedures of refining tactical advantage in the battlefield has always been to gather more data. With IoT enabled devices, the scope of data gathering is seeing never before reached heights, as defense agencies are able to interconnect aircraft, ground vehicles, ships, weapons systems, and personal with each other to share data in real-time. These threats have spurred investment by defense agencies to find ways of securing and preventing such attacks in the future.

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