Athleisure personal care market

    Monday, 04 February, 2019

    Athleisure Personal Care Market

    Athleisure can be well-thought-out as a fashion industry movement, assisted by improved textile materials, which allow sportswear to be more multipurpose, comfortable, and fashionable. Athleisure buyers desire the active lifestyle that comes with each purchase. The styles, colors, and fabrics of athleisure suggest a broader emphasis on fashion as opposed to functionality.

    Athleisure is a trend in style in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions. Athleisure outfits are yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings and shorts, that "look like athletic wear" and are characterized as "fashionable, dressed up sweats and exercise clothing. The idea is that gym clothes are supposedly making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people's everyday wardrobes.

    Nowadays, athleisure is increasingly popular in places such as public streets and fashion stores and fashion runways. Sportswear that had been worn exclusively in gyms is now being worn elsewhere by young adults and fitness-conscious consumers and has been accompanied by a relaxation in dress codes. Its popularity may have stemmed from its ability to fill a gap in the market when sportswear was once merely functional rather than stylish. 

    Let’s look at a couple of specific examples beyond tennis shoes: sports coats, polo shirts, and shorts. For each item, the influence of athletics sticks out like a popped collar.

    Due to innovations in textiles and technology, improvements have been made in functionality, such that garments and footwear have become more breathable, lightweight, and waterproof. The new garments are performance enhancing, in the sense that they allow wearers to carry out everyday activities easily.

    Athleisure is the culmination of three long-term trends. First, technological improvements to synthetic fiber have made products like spandex more flexible, durable, and washable than natural materials. Second, the modern fixation on healthy appearance has made yoga pants an effective vector. Finally, the blurring of yoga-studio fashion and office attire snaps into the long decline of formality in American fashion. 

    The surge in demand for gym-ready products has been clocked by brands that don’t have a history in sportswear.

    Athleisure is a utility clothing, which boosts the physical performance and eases body movements, as it enhances comfort while engaging in fitness and sports activities. The extensive advantages offered by activewear such as water resistance, bi-stretchable function, anti-bacterial fabric, wicking function, and others and surge in the participation of consumers in physical and fitness activities act as key demand driving factors of the global market. 

    Moreover, female consumer base for activewear is increasing, owing to the holistic approach of female customers towards sports and fitness. Likewise, increase in adoption of athleisure wear as work or streetwear propels the growth of the overall market. Furthermore, the rise in disposable income and an increase in fitness concerns significantly contribute to the growth of the market.

    Today’s millennial generation who has become both health conscious and fashion forward proudly sport their stylish athleisure whilst wanting to look good and feel comfortable in what they wear. As a result, fashion brands are becoming increasingly central to the athleisure market to tap into the growth of this segment, which has become a buzzword for the fashion industry. To keep up with this megatrend, brands are offering more of a mix of functionality and fashion in their products to catch the attention of new consumers

     “Other apparel categories are declining, which tells us that consumers are getting just what they need and want in athleisure wear. There is no doubt that the category will continue to evolve but it’s definitely here to stay for the foreseeable future.” 

    The apparel segment, which is increasingly being viewed as more of an evolution than a trend, has taken hold gradually as societal norms have changed, suggests the report. It cites the acceptance of casual dress in offices, raised health and fitness consciousness, and the want for comfort and versatility as being the major drivers of the category.

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