3D-printed electric motorbike

    Friday, 01 February, 2019

    Apart from the bike’s electrical components (such as motor, wiring, battery and other), every part of the 3D-printed electric motorbike was 3D-printed from the scratch-- that includes the tires (with custom tread), rhomboid wheel rims, tires, frame, fork and seat. The first Nera bike also rocks flexible bumpers to replace the old suspension found in other Motorcycles & scooters.

    "The battery and the electric engine of the bike can be housed within the body in a 3D printed shell."

    3D Printed Electric Motorbike Market

    The advancement in technology leading to airless tires and updated sensors that helped the designers discover new options in visual and practical usage. As most manufacturers are gambling immense on the future of 3D printing in the automotive market, increasing the number of parts due to the latest technology, they are moving in the precise direction. 3D printing of electric motorbike can considerably reduce lead time and costs, particularly for small volume production. It also helps reduce reliance on the supply chain.

    The vehicle can reach a top speed of up to 40km/h.

    More industrial manufacturer getting involved in 3D printing and investing in 3D printing. They recognize and quantifies the commercial opportunities shown by application of fiber-reinforced composite and Nanocomposite materials for 3D printing in major manufacturing sectors.

    We believe that such developments in motorbikes are generating new revenue creation opportunities within the 3DP/AM sector as well as in the composites industry itself. In the Additive manufacturing (AM) process, 3D printing with bound materials is used to produce items that have been joined by a binding agent. The upcoming launch of various new technologies able to implement both continuous fiber composites and aligned chopped fiber composites indicates that the industry is about to enter a new graph phase.

    Current labor-intensive manufacturing processes for the production of final parts in the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer goods industries are time-consuming and costly because of it, 3D-printed electric motorbike offers the opportunity to grow the market of an electric motorbike.

    All of these developments in motorbikes are positive for the future of 3D-printed composites of the motorbike.

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