Friday, 02 September, 2016

Bio toilets in India: An unexplored avenue for manufacturers/marketers

The Bio-digester, which is christened as bio-toilet, is a dry toilet that uses a predominantly aerobic processing system that treats excreta, typically with no water or small volumes of flush water, via composting or managed aerobic decomposition. Composting toilets may be used as an alternative to flush toilets in situations where there is no suitable water supply or waste treatment facility available or to capture nutrients in human excreta as humanure. They are in use in many of the…

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Monday, 08 August, 2016

Insomnia Treatment Market Faces Steep Decline to 2016, but New Drugs Will Aid Recovery

Insomnia drug sales will fall rapidly from $2.1 billion in 2013 to $1.4 billion by 2016, before steadily recovering to $1.8 billion by 2023, driven by the launch of two products, Merck & Co.'s Belsomra and Eisai's E-2006, and an increase in the prevalent cases of insomnia.
The sharp initial decline, which will occur across seven major markets, namely the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and Japan, will be primarily due to the generic erosion of Sunovion/Dainippon Sumitomo's Lunesta…

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